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moving in now and it's looking great for the weekend ahead. 70s into san francisco. 80s into san jose. some 90s into the valleys today going to get even hotter over the weekend. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are continuing to follow this accident coming into san francisco right now. westbound 80 sounds like it's on the ramp to northbound 101. we understand two vehicles are involved just one lane is blocked. so traffic is beginning to back up on the ramp. we'll tell you what it's doing to traffic coming off the bay bridge coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a developing story. bay area commuters, you have a big reprieve. golden gate ferry service boats going to run on schedule today. anne makovec in larkspur. marin county with why the strike has suddenly been called off. she has more. good morning. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the union spokesman who says, they were thinking about striking so they wanted to let the public know that they were thinking about striking so the public wasn't
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surprised. then the golden gate bridge district decided to go ahead and call off the service because they didn't want people to be surprised either. so there is confusion between the union and the district, no surprise. we heard of these contract negotiations getting out of control before. in this case it was going to end up in a one-day strike here for golden gate ferry service between larkspur where i'm standing, san francisco, and sausalito all ferry service was going to be cancelled for the day. this morning it turns out that workers showed up for work. so there will be no disruption in service today. certainly a lot of confusion. i spoke with one passenger who was arriving, he actually had not heard about the strikes. so lucky for him he was wondering what was going on. he was wondering about the news trucks. >> i didn't hear about it. i pulled up. i just moved here. so kind of tells you what's
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going on here today. that's good there is no strike. that relieves me very much. >> reporter: now, the ticket agents here for the ferry service are upset because they are being replaced by automated machines to help reduce a deficit in the golden gate bridge district. there is a 5% fare increase going into effect. we were supposed to be speaking with a spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district. she said she was going to be here at 6:00 and indeed she did not show up. so i know that they are dealing with a lot of things right now including a lot of confusion. again, everything should be as normal. i am supposedly going to be joined at 6:30 live by the union representative who started this whole thing. i know people have a lot of questions for her and how this kind of got out of control. so stay tuned we are going to continue to follow this throughout the morning. >> you handled it fine all by yourself, anne. thanks very much, anne makovec live in larkspur.
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for you bay area commuters, you're going to be paying more out of your pocket today. golden gate bridge district ferry and bus fares are going up today. buses by 5%. in san francisco the cost of a muni fast-pass up $2 a month. cable car rides are now $6 instead of $5. caltrain fares are 25 cents more for a one-way trip and big rigs and other multiple axle vehicles are paying more on all bay area bridges. >> today for the first time in five years, a fiscal year actually begins with the california state budget already in place. governor brown signed it into law yesterday. it means consumers can spend less when they buy things in california. the state sales tax has dropped one-cent from 8.25% to 7.25%. >> think those politicians wanted to get paid. oakland will hire back 22 of its 80 officers that it laid off last year under a city budget plan narrowly approved last night. the mayor jean quan cast the
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deciding vote. the budget aims to close a $58 million shortfall including cuts to pay and benefits previously conceded by city workers. meantime though in san jose, it's the first day of unemployment for dozens of police officers. their layoffs took effect at the end of the shifts yesterday. 66 had to turn in their guns and their badges with others retiring or going to other departments. not doing their jobs and lying about it apparently. a shocking new report says that dozens of pg&e workers skipped crucial inspections at underground electrical facilities. kristy seifkin is in san francisco with more on what an internal investigation uncovered. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: good morning. "san jose mercury news" has reported that as many as 14 pg&e inspectors may have falsified checks on underground electrical facilities and that would be in santa clara county, san francisco, and in parts of the east bay.
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now representative for pg&e has come forth and said it's probable that 23 underground enclosures listed as inspected were not and that another 50 were suggestion respected or not likely opened. pg&e also concluded that another seven underground enclosures may not have been opened and properly checked. the reason that pg&e even found out about these falsified inspection was that an employee tip came about and then they launched and investigation last november. it was during that investigation that pg&e identified a suspect employee, a worker who was supposed to have checked an underground enclosure in 2009 near the delmas and park avenues in san jose and it was in may of last year that that enclosure exploded and knocked out power for about 1,000 customers. that discovery is what prompted pg&e to look into these inspections at hundreds of enclosures in san jose and also enclosures in other parts of the bay area. paul clanon, the executive director of the
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california public utilities commission has responded to this most recent disclosure by pg&e by saying pg&e safety problems run deeper than natural gas pipeline. i'm encouraged that pg&e took immediate action when this matter was brought to their and and i hope that pg&e builds on this to demonstrate that they are now putting safety first." so pg&e plans to inspect more than 13 now underground enclosures in san jose in the coming months and they have made sure to clarify that the expense of those reinvestigations will be put on shareholders and not on customers. back to you. >> can't wait to see what else they find out. kristy seifkin in san francisco, thank you. it is 6:06. lawrence karnow is a man that lost his job. but never so much as he does today. >> that's right. how's it going? >> oh, my, couldn't get any better around the bay area today. of course, we have that holiday forecast coming up so we have to get that one right but folks, if you are headed out this morning, how about this? chopper 5 up over oakland. it's looking gorgeous over the bay right now. you get the idea, high pressure
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settling in overhead that kind of squashes the marine layer. that means we are left with a lot of sunshine and these temperatures soaring as we head in toward the afternoon. mostly clear skies out there right now. and as we head toward the latter part of the day, these numbers heating up in a hurry. 50s and 60s right now but in the afternoon, i think we see those 90s making a return to many. valleys. plenty of 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast, even hotter over the holiday weekend. >> reporter: we are continuing in san francisco. and actually chp and a tow crew just got on scene working hard to clear an accident westbound 80 on the ramp to 101. again this is right there as you -- as you come off the bay bridge heading into san francisco, it sounds of like three cars were involved in the crash blocking the left lane. we know traffic was beginning to stack up on that ramp. but again, they are working to clear it. right now a tow crew just got on scene so hopefully within the next few minutes we'll see
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an improvement. traffic coming off the bridge so far okay on the san francisco side of the span. and approaching the pay gates, no delay and no metering lights yet so we're pretty good on the oakland side. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. he is accused of flying across country, didn't have a boarding pass, how a smell helped catch a high-flying stowaway. >> the feds targeting the google. the huge fines it could face for a drug ad. i am a super pack and so can you! >> no laughing matter for comedy central star stephen colbert. how he could be a game changer in the upcoming election in 2012. ,,,,
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it's hard work; i need a nap.
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do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. sneaking onto a plane with no ticket.. or valid boarding pass.. will be in court in l-a today. welcome back. it's 6:11 now. nigerian american man accused of sneaking on a plane without a ticketed or boarding pass has a day in court in l.a. today. it was body odor that helped catch him. the "l.a. times" reports a flight attendant checked his ticket after passengers complained about the man's smell. he was sitting in a seat that should have been empty. >> our security agency take any
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situation like that seriously and i can assure you they are investigating this situation thoroughly. >> tsa officials point out the man did go through security was not carrying anything dangerous. if convicted, though, he could go to jail up to five years. some major developments could happen today for dominique strauss-kahn. the former head of the imf his bail could be reduced or lifted at a court hearing. strauss-kahn has been under house arrest since may on charges he tried to rape a hotel maid. a source tell us the associated press that prosecutors have questions about the maid's background and that could damage her credibility on the witness stand. casey anthony will not be testifying in her own defense. attorneys for the 25-year-old wrapped up their case yesterday. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. the prosecution will now offer rebuttal witnesses before
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closing arguments. 6:12. they haven't served a full sentence as yet but this morning, why thousands of inmates could get out of jail early. and if filing for bankruptcy wasn't bad enough, the payroll problems for the dodgers. many people traveling across the country on this busy friday. looking good though, checking in at 75 degrees. sunny skies. no problems there in or out. hot in chicago, 97 degrees in chicago this afternoon. continuing on toward new york, we are looking at mostly sunny skies and the temperatures a little cooler, plan on about 83 degrees. more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. ferries are running this morning. a strike that was announced yesterday has been called off, so there's let's check today's top stories. golden gate ferries are running this morning. a strike that was announced yesterday has been called off. so there is regular service between marin and san francisco. pg&e says more than a dozen of its workers having lying about making crucial electrical inspections. the utility's findings are being reported by the "mercury news." and lawmakers will be back next tuesday to continue working on the nation's debt ceiling. no break for them. if the borrowing limit isn't raised by august 2 the u.s. will face its first-ever default. we are enjoying the
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beginning of thi friday, mostly sunny skies. chopper 5 is up and we have just a hint of some patchy fog at the coast. a gorgeous start to the day, lots of sunshine to begin with, high pressure overhead. and it will continue to build for the weekend. so those numbers are going to be heating up outside. a clear start in many spots in the bay area with just a couple of patches of fog at the coast. by the afternoon, mostly sunny even out at the beaches. 60s there, 70s inside the bay and 80s into the santa clara valley and mid-90s in the hottest spots inland. these temperatures will soar toward the weekend. high pressure continuing to build in. the offshore winds are going to blow and so we are looking at one of those gorgeous weekends outside with some hot temperatures to be had. 97 degrees today in fresno. about 94 in sacramento. 91 in ukiah. 98 degrees in redding. around the bay area, you will find 80s in toward the santa clara valley. 92 morgan hill, sunny in
6:18 am
pacifica this afternoon. 90s in many of the valleys of the east bay. 70s inside the bay although about 80 in hayward. and about 75 degrees into berkeley. 87 and sunny ski -- sunny skies in santa rosa. temperatures will be heating up. triple digits a real possibility toward sunday. possibly right into the 4th of july, although slightly cooler, could see some fog returning to the coast toward monday as well. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks. chopper 5 is over the golden gate bridge over the toll plaza there. and you can see that everything is nice and light. extra light on this friday before the long holiday weekend. and if you are just waking up with us, we want to let you know, crisis averted for golden gate ferry service. surprising news to all of us here, as well. the strike that was announced yesterday has been called off.
6:19 am
so service, ferry service, as normal from larkspur into san francisco this morning. we'll continue to keep you updated on that throughout the rest of the morning. beautiful shot this morning from chopper 5. thank you. all right. to our maps. elsewhere want to let you know this accident in san francisco has now been completely cleared westbound 80 approaching highway 101. this was a three-car accident never really caused huge backups, slight delays off the ramp no meet on the bay bridge toll plaza -- no metering lights on the bay bridge. school is out so not expecting a terrible commute at the bay bridge this morning. a lot of people may head out of town this afternoon. here's one more live look at the golden gate bridge. our camera shows southbound 101 nine in the commute direction. mass transit looks great, golden gate ferry service no problems. ace train off to a great start. muni and bart systemwide has everything running on time. the south bay now, we have had no major issues across the
6:20 am
south bay. 280 traffic looks great right now heading out of downtown san jose. if anything changes, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20 now. google is reportedly anticipating a massive government fine half a billion dollars over drug ads. cnn reports federal prosecutors and the fda have been doing a big investigation, gathering evidence that google knowingly took ad money from websites that sell addictive drugs without a prescription. legal experts tell cnn it would be the largest such fine in u.s. history, as much as $500,000. thousands of federal inmates could be getting out of jail he recalled. that's after a panel decided retroactively to apply a recent change in an old law. the old law required a much stiffer sentence for crack cocaine users than those that
6:21 am
used powder cocaine. many had argued the law was discriminatory. of 12,000 inmates in prison for crack cocaine, 85% are black. >> it was initially thought that people who did crack cocaine were more violent. turns out that wasn't true. crack he could pain people just got high quicker. >> last year congress lowered sentences for crack cocaine and the u.s. sentencing commission is applying that decision now retroactively. 6:21. first it was football, now basketball. pro sports has two lockouts right now. the next step after talks broke down with the nba. and a big touchdown in the 49ers bid for a new stadium. the big score bringing in millions of dollars for the santa clara project. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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("cole-bare") is using a supreme court ruling to rake in some money. the fake newsman has formed a "super pac." the federal election commi comedy central stephen colbert is using a supreme court ruling to rake in cash. he formed a super pac. federal elections commission says he can form it to raise as much money as he can for ads for the 2012 campaign. super pacs are a result of last year's ruling that corporations and unions can donate unlimited funds for election campaigns. today is the first day of
6:25 am
the nba lockout. a collective bargaining agreement between players and team owners expired at midnight. the main sticking point is a request by players for an average salary of $7 million a year up from the current $5 million. they are far apart on salaries to revenue sharing. negotiations are expected to resume over the next few weeks. the los angeles dodgers have to issue new paychecks for their employees, who say their checks bounced. an executive with the baseball club explains that the team's assets were frozen earlier this week between the time that it filed for chapter 11 on monday and a bankruptcy hearing on tuesday. the team also plans to reimburse workers for any bank fees that were caused by the confusion. in the meantime, it is a touchdown for the san francisco 49ers. the 49ers say they have already sold dozens of luxury boxes even though construction in santa clara has yet to begin. the team says it has sold a total of $138 million in luxury boxes mostly to individuals, not companies. that money more than doubles the total committed to the project thus far. the stadium is expected to open in 2015 at a cost of nearly $1 billion. >> looks nice if they can get
6:26 am
rid of their strike and play in the fall, that would be good, too. there is a new place to get exercise and it's already open in oakland. >> the east oakland sports center as an indoor swimming pool with supplied, dance and fitness classes, a pool with a slide, even karate. it took a decade to raise more than $20 million for the facility including a couple of ballot measures and redevelopment funds. the place for the residents of the city to go at and enjoy a quality of life that they have not been able to enjoy. >> future plans include a tennis court and baseball and soccer fields as well. 6:26. coming up, there is a new rival for the ipad. a silicon valley giant launching its own tablet. how about a dozen of them spilling on the road?
6:27 am
that's going to hurt the brazen theft that led to a high-speed chase in northern california. coming up. and the strike and traffic nightmare that wasn't. we'll tell you what happened with this threatened strike in the golden gate ferry district coming up. pg&e has now disclosed that inspectors have either falsified reports or not even checked more than 75 underground enclosures here in the bay area. we'll have all the details in a live report coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. hey, good morning. it's friday, july 1. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. let's check traffic and weather. big holiday weekend. lawrence, it looks spectacular. >> yeah. i mean, and it is fantastic. what a day we have today. 70s, 80s and 90s. it will be hot this weekend. first let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we'll go right out towards the bay bridge toll plaza where they are not turned on the metering lights. no delay heading into san francisco right now, looks good approaching the pay gates. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. the strike is off. that's the word from the golden gate ferry this morning. anne makovec is in larkspur
6:31 am
where the day's first ferry has departed for san francisco but there's been a lot of confusion this morning, anne. >> reporter: a lot of confusion, but technically everything is running as normal here at the larkspur ferry terminal as well as the terminal in sausalito. everything is going to be running as scheduled throughout the day. that's after a big scare. people were afraid there was going to be a strike today and there was a lot of confusion over that, as well. take a look, no, at the first ferry leaving larkspur this morning on time at 5:51, which surprised a lot of passengers who didn't know if they were going to be able to ride the boat or not. yesterday the inland boatsman union sent out a press release saying they were going to strike. the bridge district responded by canceling ferry service. and this morning, workers showed up for work and the union says, well, they are not striking after all. i'm here with a spokesperson for the union this morning. marina, thank you for joining us. what happened here? >> yesterday, we started leafletting the passengers at 6 a.m.
6:32 am
to make sure they wouldn't be caught off guard if need to needed to go on strike. >> reporter: sounds like everybody was caught on guard. why didn't you strike? >> actually they shouldn't have been caught off guard because the company asked us about 10:00 if we were going on strike and our response was we didn't know. we had a meeting set up at 3:00 and, of course, our intent was to bargain a severance package for the workers who are going to be terminated as a result of this. >> reporter: so it sounds like the union was kind of trying to force the district into negotiations. the district was not going to negotiate yesterday. so they cancelled the ferry service with the threat of the strike, is that correct? >> that's correct. and just want to let you know, i have negotiated about 10 contracts with this company and never have we ever seen this kind of behavior. we started negotiations in 2009. you know? it's been two years. the booth is closing permanently next friday. >> reporter: i know you guys are very afraid of the ticket machines, the automated machines taking jobs. it looks like like it's going
6:33 am
to take about seven full-time jobs away? >> yes. and we have another seven people that are casuals also that have been here nine years, seven years. you know, we have people here 30 years, 24 years that have never had another job but this. so it's quite traumatic and we want to make sure that we get them taken care of. >> reporter: no strike, marina, is there a possibility of a strike in the future? >> there is always a possibility. but our goal is to get an agreement before next friday. >> reporter: thanks for joining us this morning. and we did of course talk with the spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district as well this morning. she said she was surprised as everybody else was this morning when it turns out workers were showing up for work. here's what she had to say. >> we just want to say how unfortunate for our customers that the inland boatmans union thought it was the right way to go to call a strike and then call the fighting off. >> reporter: this infighting will continue between the union and the district. but the bottom line for all of
6:34 am
us who aren't involved in that, is that ferry service is running as normal and should not be affected at least for today. there's about to a 5% increase in the price riding the ferry. back to you. >> thank you. getting to work is going to be a little more expensive for thousands of bay area commuters. it dogs include the golden gate bridge district ferry as well as the bus fares. they are going up by 5%. in san francisco, muni passes are up about $2 more. riding a cable car will also cost $6 instead of $5. caltrain fares are 25 cents more for a one-way trip. and big rigs and other multiple axle vehicles are paying more on all bay area bridges. the city of oakland will rehire 22 of the 80 officers laid off last year. it's all part of a budget plan narrowly approved just before the deadline last night. now, the council was deadlocked
6:35 am
on two different proposals. mayor jean quan casting the deciding vote for the plan proposed by city council president larry reid. the budget aims to close a $58 million shortfall and includes cuts to pay and benefits previously conceded by city workers. troubling report out about pg&e this morning. the utility says more than a dozen of its workers actually lied about inspections. kristy seifkin is in san francisco now to explain. kristy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the "san jose mercury news" has reported that pg&e came forth yesterday and said that as many as 14 of their employees may have falsified or not even checked under ground electrical inspections in santa clara county, also in san francisco and in the east bay. now, pg&e's spokesman in that report has said that as many as 23 underground enclosures listed heas inspected actually were not inspected and that another 50 enclosures were either suspect or not likely opened. pg&e also concluded that another seven underground enclosures may not have been opened and
6:36 am
properly checked. the reason that pg&e even found out about these falsified inspections was an employee tip came about and then they launched and investigation last november. it was during that investigation that pg&e identified a suspect employee, a worker who was supposed to have checked an underground enclosure in 2009 near the delmas and park avenues in san jose and it was in may of last year that that enclosure exploded and knocked out power for about 1,000 customers. that discovery is what prompted pg&e to look into these inspections at hundreds of enclosures in san jose and also enclosures in other parts of the bay area. paul clanon, the executive director of the california public utilities commission has responded to this most recent disclosure by pg&e by saying pg&e safety problems run deeper than natural gas pipelines. i'm encouraged that pg&e took immediate action when this matter was brought to their and -- brought to their attention,
6:37 am
and i hope that pg&e builds on this to demonstrate that they are now putting safety first." pg&e says it will inspect 13,000 sites underground in san jose in the coming months and they made sure it clarify that those inspections will come out of the pocket of those who are invested in the company not customers. back to you. >> thank you. kristy seifkin life in san francisco, thank you. 6:37. i hope you like it hot. >> h-o-t, we love it that way, especially on a big holiday weekend, lawrence. >> yes. that's right. and we are going to be seeing those temperatures soaring around the bay area. today some numbers will be hot in spots. sun coming up on clear spice over the bay, patchy fog at the coast. but you get the idea, things have changed now. remember we had that rain early on in the week. that's long gone. high pressure is building overhead getting the temperatures cooking this afternoon. these numbers well above yesterday's highs as much as 8 degrees warmer today at 91 in concord, a good 6 degrees warmer in san jose, 9 degrees
6:38 am
warmer in santa rosa, and about 73 degrees, that's 5 degrees warmer in san francisco. and elizabeth, get this. we could see triple digits over the weekend. >> yeah, triple digits are good. i like triple digits. even though i burn. all right. thank you, lawrence. let's go out live to pleasanton. westbound 580, showing you traffic heading towards 680 and the dublin interchange. it looks okay through here but let's go right to our maps. we are seeing a lot of slow traffic now through livermore and the problem is an accident involving a motorcycle right there approaching portola avenue. it's been cleared out of lanes. u, traffic is really -- unfortunately, traffic is really slow behind it. it looks slow at least through vasco road speeds under 25 miles per hour. slow traffic. coming out of the altamont pass looks good. golden gate bridge looks great. big story of the morning is golden gate ferry service operating as normal. the strike was called off.
6:39 am
that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a high-speed police chase through sacramento has led officers to a stash of stolen ipads. officers say that the suspects used a carjack to lift a metal door at a best buy this morning. sacramento police caught up to the suspects who took off in their car leading the chp on a high-speed chase into davis. during the chase the suspects threw out around 30 to 40 ipads on the freeway. police say the suspects are from castro valley, san leandro, and berkeley. what a waste. >> makes you want to cry. >> i know. >> hundreds of dollars each. there is another silicon valley giant who is now jumping into the tablet market. >> it's getting crowded. it's the first day of sales for touch pad, the new product from palo alto-based hp. matt bigler joins us now from kcbs radio's silicon valley valley bureau to explain how it stacks up to the competition. did you give it a test drive?
6:40 am
>> reporter: i wish. i haven't received one. i'm not on that special list. but i have read a lot of reviews this morning and they are a little mixed. we'll get to that in a moment. we are talking about the hp touch pad. a little bit about the device. it's almost the exact same size and same shape as ipad. it comes in black instead of white. has a front-facing camera, touchscreen interface, all the standard stuff that comes with most your tablet computers these days. but inside has a completely different operating system. that has won some critical praise from the critics. they said that the web os that hp actually acquired when it bought palm is easy to use. they have touted the smart phones, the palm smart phones as the smart phones for dummies because they are so easy to use. but after that after the operating system, the reviews are not that great. most agree that touchpad is better than the android tablets but still not as good as the ipad. all things b says the touch pad
6:41 am
is no match for the ipad with poor battery life and lack of atmosphere. the wall industry journal says it's buggy and a tech analyst says hp is late to the party. >> hewlett-packard has a good product. but there is more than just having a good product. you have to have the marketing behind it and you have to have some excitement. and i think that they may get some traction in the corporate area but in terms of consumers, i think it's going to be very difficult for them. >> now, according to the "wall street journal," hp is planning an all-out marketing blitz for the touch pad with hundreds of hp employees at special kiosks in best buy stores pushing the new hp product. by the way, the starting price is the same as the ipad, the wi- fi only version starting at $499. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. >> thank you, matt bigler. time now is 6:41.
6:42 am
signed, sealed and delivered. hard to believe. we actually have a budget here in the state. >> that's hard to believe. phil matier and willie brown are weighing in on the good, the bad and the ugly of governor brown's plan. and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the early numbers. it's early. all down, but plenty of time. coming up we'll get a little update before the holiday weekend from jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:45 am
good morning, bay area! if you are just getting going, we have a lot of sunshine come our way, mostly clear around the bay area, some fog at the coast. otherwise sunny skies on the way. temperatures by this afternoon going to be warm to hot in spots inland. 80s and mid-90s in the warmest spots inland. plenty of 70s inside the bay and 60s at the coastline. much warmer weekend coming in our direction as high pressure is building overhead. the offshore winds are blowing and it is going to be cooking in some parts of the bay area. going to get hot into fresno today 97 there. 94 in sacramento. 91 yosemite. and 76 degrees in lake tahoe. these temperatures warming up in a hurry today. 86 in san jose. 84 in fremont. about 66 degrees much more comfortable in half moon bay. east bay numbers up in the mid- 90s in the warmest spots. 70s a couple of 80s inside the
6:46 am
bay. and as you look toward the north bay, temperatures in the 60s coastside. but away from the coast, the heat is cranked up, up to 90s inland. next couple of days these temperatures really going to soar as high pressure builds in. talking close to triple digits on saturday, probably going to hit that as we look towards sunday and the 4th of july looks like it is going to be hot inland. maybe some patchy fog returning out toward the coastline. by the way, if you plan to get out to the marin county fair, it looks great. enjoy it, sunny, warm conditions. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> let's go toward the bay bridge. we are working on trying to get some more information about something going on in the lower deck. sounds like it's just past treasure island. eastbound 80. there's a table wire that either fell or is hanging down right there as you pass the tunnel. now, apparently it may have hit a big rig. there is some debris at least blocking one lane. we understand that drives were swerving to avoid that --
6:47 am
drivers were swerving to avoid that cable wire. we got several calls on this and chp is checking to see what's going on. we are not seeing any major slowing on our sensors if you are heading towards oakland but again something going on, on the lower deck right now involving a cable wire that may have hit a big rig or a couple of other cars. in fact, there is a stalled big rig as well just before you get to the tunnel, as well. all right. let's talk about westbound 80 traffic in the commute direction. so far, so good all the way into san francisco. in fact, they never turned the metering lights on so traffic is moving fine right now from oakland and all the approaches so far look pretty good coming down the eastshore freeway. 18 minutes is your drive time. so really no delay all the way through berkeley. mass transit our other big breaking traffic story of the morning. it's been golden gate ferry service. the strike has been averted. so all ferry service is resuming as normal. everything is moving fine. golden gate bridge traffic looks good, as well. bart, ace, muni metro and
6:48 am
caltrain no delays. to get the latest traffic information including what's going on on the bay bridge or the very latest with ferry service, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. we share all our information with them. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:48 now. and there is a patent fight and a big debut from a silicon valley giant. here now to talk about it jason brooks with kcbs and happy friday, jason. >> good morning, frank. good morning, grace. better late than never. that's the case for hewlett- packard as they debut their touchpad tablet device today around stores. getting a lot of publicity. hp going to hit hard putting out its own employees in various stores around the country to try and push the device. it's got the same price starting point as the ipad of $499. but the question is, how will the touch pad differentiate itself from a whole host of other tablet devices out there? the tablet market has just been exploding. gartner says it's going to
6:49 am
quadruple sales to 70 million units while pc sales growth has been weakening. hp shares are up just slightly on that news this morning. kodak was hoping to win possibly upwards of $1 billion in licensing deals with apple and blackberry maker research in motion if they could wrangle a win in a patent violation lawsuit concerning digital preview image technology in cameras. but a international trade commission ruling threw out some of those claims against kodak and then sent others back for review to a lower court judge. that judge could still rule in favor of kodak in some of the cases but investors are betting against that big payday from happening. right now kodak shares are lower by 12%. the stock market has been on a roll. the dow has posted triple digits gains three of the past four days. we are going to be flooded with economic reports in a few minutes, construction spending,
6:50 am
consumer spending and others. those are dictate where the market heads on the 1st day of july and the 3rd quarter. back to you. >> you got monday off, right? >> yes. hope you all have a happy 4th. >> enjoy your weekend. thank you. 6:50 now. budget problems and union protests nearly thwarted. bay area commuters who depend on the golden gate ferry service today. >> in sacramento, governor brown and lawmakers strike a deal on the state budget. cbs 5 political insider that's phil matier, former san francisco mayor willie brown, are following the money, the politics, they have been chatting for a while. gentlemen. >> there is money and politics met two places this week. the first one being right here when it came to the golden gate ferry system. >> what happened? >> bottom line is that the district itself is losing money. it's not losing money on the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge is a moneymaker but tolls and fees are continually going up because what they have to do is
6:51 am
pay for the money they are losing on the ferry system and the bus system. >> but phil, we ought to get away from talking about losing on public transit systems. we ought to be about using public transit systems to reduce congestion and traffic and all the other things and let's not even argue about whether or not it's cost effective. it can't be cost-effective. >> right. but when they are trying to make it at least cost-effective what they are doing is cutting back on jobs and services. i mean, this and others are getting caught -- this is a circular thing. it's a job today, it's a forry line tomorrow. they can't make any money. >> don't you think that the advent of technology entitles a system like that to remove and reduce the number of employees in pursuit of total and complete efficiency and effectiveness for operation? another get money? >> easy for you to say. speaking of forgetting money, let's move to sacramento where
6:52 am
they are playing funny money, too. governor brown signed the budget this week based on the idea that $4 billion is going to somehow come through the door. what do you think of that? >> well, i think he's trying to delay how soon he is going to have to show up with that $4 million. >> billion! >> i suspect he would like to be gone by the time that money is supposedly arriving. somewhat akin to what did i when i was mayor. >> you just tried to make sure it's covered down the line. >> during your watch. and actually with the economists and the predictors, try to determine when it will ultimately be there. if it will never ultimately be there, you better be gone, too. >> so overall how would you grade the budget they passed up there? >> i would say from what i know about that budget, it's a work in progress. in three months they will be back address the issues. >> in other words, if you were grading it, it gets an incomplete? >> totally incomplete. as a matter of fact, in some in some cases on the republican
6:53 am
side, they withdrew from the class. >> back to you guys. >> but they are getting paid. >> they are getting back pay, exactly. >> no, they don't get back pay. >> but they are getting paid. >> the person who took the money away in my opinion had no legal authority to do that so there may definitely be a legal test as to whether or not he can. >> someone is going to sue him for the pay? >> no, not for the pay but the issue needs to be determined. since when does it say the controller shall determine whether or not the budget i'm about to vote for is good or not so good? >> voters have not said that. they didn't say you submit it to the controller before you vote on it. that's what this controller essentially just said. so if you -- in jerry brown submits a budget to me and i'm supposed to vote yes or no, and i vote yes. he submitted it and then the controller says, oh, no, that's
6:54 am
a bad budget. that's crazy. >> that's politics. >> all right. >> politics is crazy. >> these guys are going to hash it out for a while. phil matier and willie brown still chatting. thanks, guys. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 am
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[ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. was called off.. just before the morning commute.
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explain what golden gate ferries are running today. a planned strike called off at the last minute before the morning commute. anne makovec explains. a lot of confusion at the larkspur ferry terminal but the bottom line is the boats are running. they are all running and they are all running on time not only here in larkspur also at the sausalito ferry terminal. everything is normal after a big scare. 4 a.m. until 10 p.m. no boats were going to be running but all back on. look at the first ferry leaving this morning right on time here from larkspur at 5:51. a lot of people heard about the cancellations so they are not coming to the terminal today but luckily a lot of people did not hear about this strike so they are coming and a lot of the boats are at least half full. it's the inland boatsman union that sent out a press release yesterday saying they are going
6:58 am
to strike. they are going to replace the jobs of 7 full-time workers and 7 part-time workers as well, the automated ticket-selling machines. so the union was trying to force the bridge district into negotiations. so the district said instead of having the risk of the strike, we'll cancel the service and it all came out in the wash this morning. so again be a lot of infighting, a lot of this union versus company fighting. but the bottom line for the passengers, service is going on as scheduled for all the ferries here in the golden gate bridge district. back to you. >> you got it out. okay, anne makovec live in marin county, thank you. [ laughter ] >> tough on those early friday mornings but for the weekend break out the shorts, flip- flops, sunscreen. >> it's looking like one of those fantastic weekend what could go wrong with this forecast? >> well... >> we'll see. it is looking good, though, so far. temperatures going to be heating up around the bay area. going to be hot in some spots getting near triple digits as we head in towards sunday. maybe even over that. but some patchy fog may sneak in on the 4th of july.
6:59 am
of course that will cool you down right at the coastline but still staying very hot inland. still could easily see some triple digits on the 4th of july at least in the valleys elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have some more information about what exactly is going on in the lower deck of the bay bridge. now, if you are heading towards the tunnel, there is a hang wire or a hanging pipe. it's already hit a big rig and a couple of cars. no injuries but chp is up there now. apparently they have blocked offer the right lane right there as you head into the tunnel as you approach treasure island. so we'll continue to follow this let you know exactly -- what exactly is going on during the traffic cutins during the "cbs early show." there is no delay at all at the bay bridge toll plaza. all right. we are going to completely switch gears and head out towards chopper 5. and give you a hi-5 for today. this is the marin county fair going on all weekend long. what are they doing? some kind of a dance out there. we have

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